Fortnite (probably) coming to Switch


Epic Games is trying to be truly inclusive, by giving all gamers the ability to play their battle royale game mode, no matter the platform. It seems as though Fortnite will be parachuting on to Nintendo Switch, a move that will most likely be confirmed at E3 next week.

How do we know? Fortnite was spotted on an apparent E3 list which was leaked to 4chan’s /v/ board on Friday. The list was initially created by a Korean ratings board, as was noted in a Restera post and reported by Eurogamer.

The leak features some more interesting titles that are apparently heading to the Switch, like Paladins and Dragon Ball FighterZ. It seems likely that full details, of the Switch Fortnite launch and the others, will be revealed at E3 which runs from June 12-15 this year.

Even if this turns out to be an elaborate hoax — which we very much doubt — we’ll still be able to play Fortnite on the go on iOS, and on Android later this year. But if Epic Games plans on going truly cross-platform, porting to the Nintendo Switch is the clever move. If you’re making a bid to dominate the gaming world, you start by giving every single person access to your game — whatever their gaming weapon of choice.


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