Dig the tunes in RocoMamas? Find them on Spotify


Ever sit in your local RocoMamas and wonder, “Where can I find this playlist?” Because, well, while RocoMamas is known for burgers, beers, orange décor primarily, regulars will tell you it also tends to play fun tunes.

Our favourite burger joint just became the first brand in South Africa to launch a dynamic playlist on Spotify. This after customers started tweeting at them variations of: “@RocoMamas, where can I download your restaurant’s tracks?” 

“It’s a request we receive regularly on Twitter and our various social media platforms”, says Brian Altriche, RocoMamas’ founder. And it’s a request that they’ve decided to respond to, using our favourite streaming service.

RocoMamas has decided to use Spotify’s streaming tech to reach their customers on a different platform. “It makes perfect sense to leverage streaming technology, and a Spotify playlist that constantly changes and is updated will ensure that the tracks our customers love from the in-store experience will lead them to relevant other bands and artists that complement our Not Normal environment”, adds Altriche.

You can find the RocoMamas playlist here on Spotify. You’ll find old favourites like Nirvana and Blink-182, along with great local bands like aKING and Shadowclub. Local indie and alternative bands are encouraged to share their own tracks with RocoMamas on social media (using the hashtag #SmashHitsRM) for possible inclusion in the playlist. 

Spotify is available in South Africa at a monthly cost of R60. If you’re not acquainted with Spotify yet, we have handy guides on how to get started and how to get the most out of your subscription.


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