Light Start – Model Y reveal date, the Death Star, Disenchantment, and World War Z: The Game

Elon Musk will be revealing the Tesla Model Y on 15 March 2019. Or thereabouts, anyway

It’s one thing to wonder when a product is coming. In the case of Tesla, when you want to know something you could always just ask Elon Musk, who will probably give you an answer. Case in point: The reveal date of the Tesla Model Y. When asked, via Twitter, this weekend, Musk said that the reveal date would be 15 March 2019. He later qualified this by saying that he just made the date up, “because the Ides of March sounded good”, later adding that we could “…consider it real. We could unveil Model Y anytime from late this year to mid next year, so March 15 is about right.” This is about the most vaguely specific date we’ve ever seen for a tech launch but we’ve got eyes on the end of this year, as well as 15 March, for an eventual reveal. Just in case there’s a rocket ship dropping a new car from orbit or something.

Source: Twitter

Own a piece of the original Death Star (for at least R133,000)

Time to sort the Star Wars fans from the Star Wars fans with massive bank balances. There’s a piece of the original Death Star prop used in filming Star Wars: A New Hope (back when it was just Star Wars) up for sale on eBay. The current price? $10,600. That’s a large sum of money for a piece of Star Wars memorabilia but there is a section of the fan base willing to pay for it. This particular piece of the Death Star model was originally lost, being found in the trash by an Industrial Light and Magic employee who kept it until it was passed on to a collector in 2014. Now? It’s going to be taking its next step. If you’d like it to be in the direction of your house, follow the link below. Expect to jump through a hoop or two just to be able to bid on it.

Source: eBay

The latest from Futurama, Simpsons creator Matt Groening is Disenchantment — launching on Netflix soon

Stuff is mostly ambivalent about The Simpsons, despite it being one of the longest-running TV shows in existence. We’re a lot more fond of Futurama and finding out that creator Matt Groening has something fantasy-based on the way has lit up the dials here at Stuff Towers. The series is called Disenchantment and features a princess (named Bean), an elf (Elfo), and a demon with a drinking problem (Luci). We haven’t seen any footage yet, just a few stills, but the setting and style puts us in mind of the Futurama movie Bender’s Game. We can definitely go for some more of that. Disenchantment launches on Netflix on 17 August. The first ten of a planned 20 episodes should be available right off the bat.

Source: Netflix (Twitter)

World War Z: The Game has a new trailer out and it’s looking a little Days Gone

More zombies games? Sure, we’ll allow it but only because there are several good ones out there. World War Z: The Game might… repeat, might be one of those. A short trailer has been released showing some of the gameplay players can expect and it’s looking an awful lot like Sony’s PS4-exclusive Days Gone in terms of zombie count. Players will be tasked with setting up weapon emplacements and choke points using barricades as they take on the zombie horde, with their friends along for the ride in multiplayer. The game is firmly based on the movie, rather than the original book by Max Brooks, but it has potential. Which, considering Paramount (the motion picture company) is involved, is quite surprising. We’re wary of the games-based-on-movies curse, after all. We’d love some hands-on time before getting really excited but so far, the trailer works for us.

Source: Saber Interactive


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