The five readers heading to Solo: A Star Wars Story with Stuff are…


Oh man, this was one of the roughest competitions Stuff has run in a long, long time. We’ve never wanted to give everybody the prize more than we wanted to today. Just like a deca-Highlander, though, there can be only ten. In the shape of five sets of double tickets to Solo: A Star Wars Story, that is. No swords (or light sabers) are involved.

And those five sets of tickets have now got homes. Five winners and five partners will be joining the Stuff team (and friends) for a pre-release screening of Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead of its official 25 May launch date. Suppose you want us to quit waffling and just get to the winners now. Right?

Before we get in too far, there is one thing you need to know — how the competition draws are conducted. All of the entries are compiled into a single list, which is fed to a computer. The computer randomly selects a name, which is then examined by a human. If there’s a problem (qualifying question incorrect/duplicate winner – it happens) then the draw is done again. If there’s no problem, then we just add the winner’s name to the winner’s… er… list?

Chances are you didn’t even read the above anyway, so here’s what we’re going to do: Stop fiddling around and just announce the winners already.

And they are:

Brett Magill
Shawn Jubber
Gregory Mazen
Marie Riley
Samantha Clarke

Congrats to our winners, who will have already received an email telling them how to access their tickets. Sorry to all of our entrants who didn’t win — if we’d had enough tickets, we would have spread the Star Wars love to everyone. Stay tuned, though. Stuff isn’t done giving things away — there will be another shot at something awesome shortly.


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