Apple’s iPhone XI is due soon: Here’s what we know so far


We’ve heard rumours about multiple sizes and different screen resolutions, but what exactly does Apple have up its collective sleeve for their 2018 device?

Will it be the iPhone XI? The iPhone 11? The iPhone X2, just for the fun of it, because who needs an iPhone 9? We aren’t sure what it’ll be called yet – but we have heard loads about what might be on the horizon, hardware-wise.

The rumours in a nutshell? Apple will introduce three new iPhone X-inspired models for 2018, which includes a budget device with a 6.1in display and a large iPhone 8 Plus-sized model.

When we’ll see the iPhone Eleven
Apple normally announces and releases new iPhones in September so we are definitely expecting the new devices to be announced in September 2018. That said, we could only see it in stores later than that.

The iPhone X was announced last September but only released in November, at least in part due to the new manufacturing processes and the resulting changes in Apple’s production schedule. There’s surely less reason for Apple to wait this time around. They’ve had enough time to get used to making iPhone X-like phones so hopefully there’s less of a delay this year.

Odds of seeing it

There is a possibility that Apple might try to pull a fast one on us, but it’s most likely that we’ll see them release at least one of the three planned devices in September.

How much will the iPhone X-One cost?

If the iPhone X is any indication, then the next edition won’t sit in the lower price bracket (except the budget device, of course). Rumours suggest that the different versions of the iPhone X will be just as button-less and bezel-less as their predecessor.

A report from Economic Daily News suggests a $799 price for the lower-end model, a new lower $899 price for the upgraded edition of the current 5.8in iPhone X size, and a larger iPhone XI Plus at a $999 price. This sounds promising, and hopefully Apple follows through with these prices. That does mean we’re still looking at a high-end price for the top-spec iPhone X-whatever, though. 

Odds of seeing it

It ain’t a ‘budget edition’ if people on a budget can’t buy it, amiright?
We wouldn’t mind the ‘Plus version surpassing the current iPhone X price point, but it would be nice to see a slight price drop for this range to make Apple’s devices more accessible.

What will the iPhone X2 look like?

Have you seen the iPhone X? Yeah, it’ll look a lot like that.

The notch will stay, and do you really think Apple is going to scrap that eye-catching design after one go? Heck, they’ve used the iPhone 6 aesthetic for four straight years now – this new one’s not going away anytime soon.

The only thing that could change are the sizes (duh), and the materials they are made of. The new entry-level edition will, according to reports, use aluminium for the frame instead of stainless steel, an LCD screen instead of that lovely OLED, and a single rear camera. Same punchy design, with less top-end materials.

Odds of seeing it
Keeping the core design makes a lot of sense. Stick to what you know (while you cook up another design for a couple year’s time).

What about the iPhone XX’s screen?

Reportedly a leaked look at a 6.5in test panel from an LG manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Take it with a grain of salt, naturally.

Apple hit it on the head with the iPhone X display, and we suspect that Apple won’t mess with it too much the next time around.

It should still be an extra-tall, notch-wielding 5.8in OLED panel at 1125p resolution, and a stunner to boot. The reported Plus version is said to use a larger 6.5in OLED display at an even higher resolution, landing in the 480-500 pixels per inch (ppi) range instead of the 458ppi of the iPhone X.

And the 6.1in budget model? Well, that’s where things dip down a bit. Rumour suggests that it will use an LCD panel instead, which means less vibrancy and lighter black levels than OLED, plus it is pegged at 320-330ppi – essentially the same as the iPhone 8 today. But it is ‘cheaper’. What did you expect?

Odds of seeing it
Putting OLED screens on the pricier models and an LCD on the lower-end one sounds like a smart way to set these apart, although a resolution as low as the one reported for the base iPhone XI could be an inconvenient downgrade at this stage of the flagship battle.

How much power will the iPhone XXVII pack?Even several months after its first release, Apple’s A11 Bionic chip remains the fastest smartphone processor on the market today – Android still hasn’t matched it.

We’ll see some kind of A12 chip in the new iPhones, and Apple could create more of a processing power gap with its Android rivals. Granted, top Android phones are typically just as speedy as the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are right now, but that extra muscle could come in handy at some point.

Odds of seeing it
Crafting its own chips has worked out well for Apple, and it seems likely that they’ll keep pushing mobile performance to new heights with the iPhone XI.

What cameras will the iPhone Double-X boast?

Will it have two sensors? Three sensors? Four sensors?!

The iPhone X has one of the best smartphone camera setups in the world, but it’s beaten by the Google Pixel 2 and now the Huawei P20 Pro. We expect Apple to make the same kind of strong-but-subtle camera improvements they do with each new iPhone, but we doubt it’ll have more than two sensors.

We might see some changes to the iPhone X’s front TrueDepth camera system, which promises some great new applications with augmented reality. If they’re going to surprise us, this is probably where it’s going to happen.

The base 6.1in LCD model will likely just have a single rear camera sensor.

Odds of seeing it
We’re not expecting dramatic camera changes for the iPhone XI this time around, but perhaps Apple can bring in more of the Pixel-like algorithm magic to deliver even
better images.

Any more dirt on the iPhone XI?All three models are reported to use Face ID via the TrueDepth camera system, which means the Touch ID sensor will be properly out the window. Rest in peace.

The base 6.1in LCD model should skip out on 3D Touch technology. Truth be told, 3D Touch has hardly been a huge advantage for iPhones, but that still seems like an odd omission – and one that potentially shows diminishing importance for the pressure-sensitivity feature.

Odds of seeing it
Will Apple really sell a $800 phone with that many features stripped out from the slightly-pricier editions? If you want to make a budget device with half the flagship’s features, make it half the flagship’s price tag, surely?


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