Light Start – Pizza drone, Samsung talks smack, robot John Cena, and Fortnite for Android dated

And now, a drone made from… pizza?

We’ve seen a lot of drones in the last few years but this one takes the cake. Actually, it takes the pizza, since that’s what the aerial vehicle has been constructed from. And before you ask, yes, it can actually fly. If you’ve got about 11 minutes on hand you can watch the whole process that went into making the drone (right down to shopping for the ingredients) but if you’re just after the important bits, jump straight to the 5:00 mark. If you’re really impatient, head on over to the 8:00 mark for takeoff and eventual destruction. Turns out pizza doesn’t retain its structural integrity long when you stick a drone motor into it.

Source: deDrones

Samsung (quietly) rips Apple a new one over battery throttling

When Samsung takes a shot at Apple, the company doesn’t muck around. Their latest TV ad (for overseas — we’re pretty sure they’re not allowed to be this blatant in South Africa) basically takes apart Apple’s recent battery-throttling update which slowed down older iPhones. The advert paints a pretty depressing picture of ageing Apple handsets, from delayed airport check-ins to getting into the wrong Uber to just generally battling to do anything. At all. But it’s all right in the end, because the unfortunate soul in the ad upgrades to Samsung’s new S9. The point in taking a shot at an older iPhone? Probably just to prompt arguments between Apple and Samsung fans. And just to forestall one Apple fanboy argument, the ad acknowledges that there are newer iPhone models available. But if you’re not impressed with the battery slowdown update, it might be time to change brands, yeah?

Source: Samsung

John Cena voices a robot in YouTube’s new Dallas and Robo series

Okay, now we have seen everything. WWE star John Cena and Kat Dennings will be voicing the leads in a new animated series for YouTube Red (which is soon to become YouTube Premium). The series is called Dallas and Robo and will debut its eight episode run on the WWE’s YouTube channel. The title characters are space truckers, delivering cargo in a series that is part Rick and Morty, part Futurama, part Bojack Horseman, and part… actually, we’re not sure what the last part is. The first trailer is above, so you can see for yourself. The whole series will launch on 30 May but you’ll have to be paying YouTube a subscription fee already in order to be able to access it.

Source: via Engadget

Fortnite will be heading to Android this summer winter

Winter is coming. And so is Fortnite for Android, according to a blog post by the game’s developers. Technically it’s coming in “summer” but we’re in the Southern Hemisphere and we do things differently here in June and July. Like get a little cold. The date isn’t locked down yet but we’ve got a launch window, which is more than we had before. In addition, Epic Games detailed some of the changes coming to the mobile battle royale, like voice chat (on mobile), as well as control, performance, and stability tweaks. Oh, and a customisable HUD. We expect most of these changes (some of which are ongoing) will arrive before the Android version launches. That just means the Android Fortnite will be more complete (and stable) at launch. Right?

Source: Epic Games


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