Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming on 26 October this year and it looks amazing


Rockstar Games have released very few games that haven’t sold stupendous amounts of copies. Most have been critically well-received to boot and we’re not expecting Red Dead Redemption 2 to be any different. Especially based on the new story trailer for the upcoming sequel, which has been far, far too long in coming.

If you’re not already one of the more than 7.5 million viewers for the newest trailer, you’re going to want to add yourself to their number as soon as possible. Red Dead Redemption 2 takes players back to before the events of the first game, when the West was a little wilder than it was in RDR.

Rockstar, as always, is being mum about the game’s actual details until they’re ready to announce them themselves but there are a few things that we’ve managed to take away from the latest trailer.

The protagonist from the previous game, John Marsden, is present and accounted for. He’s still wearing the scars he toted around the first Wild West title, only these are still fresh enough have stitches in. Odds are we’ll see how he got them, too. Hey, 1899 is a long way from 1911 when Redemption took place.

We’re expecting multiple protagonists for Red Dead 2. It worked for Grand Theft Auto V, which gave us Michael, Trevor, and Franklin and the snippets from the trailer that look to be gameplay suggest that we’re going to be in control of more than one person. One of those people could be Dutch van der Linde, head of Marsden’s gang, and we might even get another shot at playing as John Marsden. Or…

…and this is pure speculation: We could see as many as four playable characters here, one of them being the woman seen with Dutch’s gang, who looks a little like Marsden’s future wife. This number of protagonists might get a little cluttered, from a story perspective, but if anyone could pull something like this off it’d be Rockstar.

We’re aching for some official updates on Red Dead Redemption 2, and not just another video tease. Multiplayer is a forgone conclusion, as is a sprawling story. There’s also going to be a lot more criminal activity going on this time around. The devil’s in the details, though (or possibly wearing a top-hat and appearing at random places on the map). We’re already booking 26 October off so we get get our cowboy on, hard. Stay tuned.


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