The first of Nokia’s new smartphones goes on sale today


HMD Global, the company behind the reinvigorated Nokia mobile brand announced a selection of new smartphones and feature phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, including feature phones the 8110 “banana phone” and the new sub-R1,000 Nokia 1, alongside its new Android-powered flagship, the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Now we’ve got timelines for when you’ll be able to buy the new handsets in South Africa, but sadly little clarity on pricing.

The Nokia 1 is already available in South Africa already for R1,000. Aside from its price point, it’s primary selling point is that it runs the Go Edition of Android, a pared-down version of Google’s operating system intended for entry-level devices with 1GB or RAM or less.

First of the new smartphones to arrive in South African stores is the Nokia 7 Plus which goes on sale today. How much? HMD says it doesn’t have standalone pricing, only that the 7 Plus will be available for “R329.00/month x 24 months on post-paid operator deals”, which should mean around R8,000 for prepaid users.

Next to arrive will be the 2018 version of the mid-range Nokia 6. It goes on sale next week (23 April) with a recommended price of R4,000.

The Nokia 7 Plus range

Those looking to pick up the flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco will have to wait until 7 May 2018. Again, HMD can’t tell us how much it’ll cost for prepaid buyers, only that it’ll be available “from R499.00/month x 24 months on post-paid operator deals”.

Of course, totalling the monthly fee over the two-year period gives you R12,000, so expect standalone pricing for the Sirocco to be in that vicinity… which makes sense given HMD’s assertions that the device aims to offer consumers a top-end device that can compete with the big names in mobile, but without the sort of price tag that normally accompanies those handsets.

Head over to our roundup of the new handsets for all the specifications and other pertinent numbers. And if you’re looking to scratch your nostalgia itch with the updated 8110 we’re pleased to tell you HMD’s confirmed it’s coming to South Africa… but it can’t tell us when or for how much. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ We’ll keep you posted.


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