What are your three words? iStore wants to know


Imagine being anywhere in the world — from a small market in Madrid to the river on your uncle’s farm in Vryburg. Wherever you happen to be, that spot can be tracked using what3words, and pinpointed down to a three metre area. And the really exciting bit is that iStores in South Africa will now be using this service to improve deliveries.

What3words is a different take on maps and addressing technology — the service has divided the world into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares and assigned each square a unique three word address. It is accurate enough that preferred and hidden entrances will be easy for couriers and delivery services to find. You can find your three words here. The words are completely random though and do not mean anything specific. Don’t take it to heart. We haven’t, if you’ve noted the three little worlds in the header image. Those are ours. 

Users will now be able to enter their three-word-address at checkout on the iStore. This should ensure a smoother delivery, by saving time spent looking for addresses and those slow trips around the block scanning for the correct house number.

“The unique and disruptive technology that what3words offers has the potential to have a huge impact on delivery and logistics. We have found that our customers are extremely tech-savvy and open to adopting the newest technology available. We are proud to be the first retailer integrating what3words, and to play a leading role in bringing what3words to sub-Saharan Africa”, says Chris Dodd, iStore CEO.

Were you waiting to buy that new iPad? Just head over to the iStore and enter your three-word location. PS. it won’t work if you enter random words — except if you would like to send an unsuspecting someone in Tanzania an iSurprise.


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