South African Huawei P20 owners get VIP perks


The new Huawei flagship phones are only a few weeks old, and already the company has announced plans to add some value to the deal for users who buy one of the devices in the P20 range, which includes the P20, P20 Lite, and the beast that is the P20 Pro.

It is called the Huawei Diamond VIP Service and if it is as fancy as it sounds, we’re probably in for a treat. According to Huawei, the total value of this service rounds up to just under R4,000 – how the company determined the value of this is not clear.

The service includes a two-year warranty (held by Huawei) for the devices. But wait, there’s more! P20 and P20 Pro owners will also get one free screen repair or replacement in the first year — so make sure you drop your brand new phone while it’s still got that new phone smell. If you’re a P20 Lite owner… don’t drop it?

For all of those working long hours — Huawei will generously come to pick up your broken device free of charge, take it to be repaired, and bring it back to you. We all know the hassle of taking off work to visit a service centre. This lets you miss all the lines (and all the dealing with human beings), because Huawei has your back.

If you don’t want to be phone-less when the friendly delivery guy has just picked up your device you can just ask him to bring along a loan device. Huawei also provides free loan devices to users whose phones are being repaired. So you won’t have to be phone-less any more.You will also receive a free service (which includes a free software upgrade and a memory and system clean-up), fast repair (have the phone repaired in one hour on weekdays – only for those with the P20 Pro, sadly), a free screen protector (after the initial one is scratched), and access to a dedicated care line. This lot is quite a mouthful but Huawei are definitely adding some major value with this lot.

The last, and probably most unique part of the VIP service, is that all P20 owners will have access to one free laser engraving service at Huawei’s Customer Service Centres. What this entails is left to the imagination but our best guess is that you can now really personalise that amazing Twilight P20 Pro with a nickname or emergency contact number.


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  1. Jeanine Skelton on


    Please advise how I get access to the VIP service – I have a Huawei P20 PRO and and a P Smart.

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