Jelly Mario is a wacky, but nostalgic, way to kill a few minutes


Look, we all know that just about nobody works all day, every day. Time is taken up eating, making coffee, drinking coffee, checking social media, and the like. It’s time for something different. Something like… Jelly Mario.

Jelly Mario is the creation of developer Stefan Hedman, who took the Super Mario Bros. that we all know and love and… warped it. The Koopas and Goombas that you’re so used to seeing traipse along the familiar 2D stage now tend to jolt along but that’s okay. Mario can’t walk straight either, and pretty much everything he hits will deform or change shape in some way.

The game, which consists of just the first stage and part of the second for the moment, gets its name from the way that everything has been jellyfied. Want to stomp on a Goomba? Not gonna happen. Or at least, we’ve never managed to get on target. Want to smash some bricks? Possible, but you might have to go out of your way to manage it. Want to cartwheel around the sky like a drunken jellyfish? You’ve come to the right place. It’s perfect for whiling away a coffee break or a tedious meeting — just make sure you turn the equally distorted soundtrack off before doing the latter.

Keen on getting a little Jelly Mario in your life? You can play the alpha version of the game at It’s fairly easy to complete, once you get the hang of it.

Source: Jelly Mario Bros.


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