Light Start – Unsending Facebook, Spyro returns, Lawbreakers broken, and Fahrenheit 451

After the world finds out Zuck can do it, Facebook announces “unsend” feature for users

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, until recently, had a special Facebook power. The power to delete messages he has sent from other user’s inboxes. And he’s been using that to unsend messages. Which, given how much trouble Facebook’s been in lately, doesn’t look too good. At all. Which might be why Facebook has announced a new ‘unsend’ feature that will be rolled out for all users in “several months” time. This sounds an awful lot like they’re going to have to start working on it now, post announcement. But hey, we could just be being uncharitable. Right? At least, in the meantime, Facebook has promised that Mark won’t be unsending any more of his own messages. At least until everyone else can, anyway.

Source: via Tech Crunch

The original three Spyro games are returning, in Remastered form

If you can remember playing the first three Spyro games when they released on the PlayStation One then we have some bad news for you: You’re getting old. Here at Stuff Towers we’ve got staff who were too young to play them at launch. But being too young doesn’t mean much in a time of remasters, as they’ll get their chance to take on Activision’s actually-quite-good dragon-focussed platformers when Spyro: Reignited Trilogy launches in September 2018. Based on the trailer above, the three platformers (Sypro the DragonSpyro: Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon) are going to be the same as they’ve ever been, just with a fresh (and very shiny) coat of paint. And more than a few sheep jokes. To which we say: It’s about bloody time.

Source: Polygon

Cliffy B’s Lawbreakers won’t be supported for a whole lot longer

Lawbreakers was supposed to have everything you could want in a shooter: A pedigree (Gears of War‘s Cliffy B), some new mechanics, the looks, the speed… but there was also the competition to contend with. Developers Boss Key, in a blog post last week, said that “The fact is LawBreakers failed to find enough of an audience to generate the funds necessary to keep it sustained in the manner we had originally planned for and anticipated.” Long story short, the game will continue to get basic support but the studio is going to be moving on to something more… lucrative. The devs are “…determined to give this game the second life it deserves” but it seems that going free-to-play is not the route they’re considering. They’re also set to reveal something else soon: A passion project. Which means that Lawbreakers is all but dead in the water for now.

Source: Boss Key

Fahrenheit 451’s latest trailer is heating up

In a dystopian world where books are forbidden, firemen are employed to go around and burn books. The film adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 is based on the classic Ray Bradbury tale of a fireman who starts asking inconvenient questions like “Why are we burning all these books?” The latest trailer gives us some idea of what to expect and what you should be expecting is a gorgeous film that will make the bibliophile inside of you cringe a little when the fires start up. Hopefully it’ll also make you think as much as the original story does, as well.

Source: HBO (YouTube)


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