Uber adds option to tip drivers


Car-on-demand service Uber and food-delivery service Uber Eats have added a feature to the latest version of its mobile apps that enables South African consumers to tip drivers or delivery people directly from the app. At the end of a trip or delivery users will be prompted to add a tip from a selection of preset amounts, a custom amount or skip the process.

Uber says tips will go directly to the driver and that it doesn’t take any service fees from them. Of course, cynics might argue that instead of guilting end-users into tipping drivers Uber could instead take a smaller cut of driver’s fees, and that not having to tip was one of Uber’s unique selling points. Good thing we’re not cynics, then, isn’t it? We are, however, pleased to see any facility that lets drivers make more money.

The addition of a tipping option is the latest in a string of changes to its services Uber has made in the last year. Other recent editions include charging riders who keep drivers waiting for more than a few minutes, warnings for drivers when a request is for a long-distance trip, and in-app chat functionality.

“Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of drivers asking us to roll out an in-app tipping function, so their clients can more easily reward great service and the act of going above and beyond what’s expected,” says Alon Lits, GM for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa. “Improving the driving experience has been a key priority for us over the last year. We’re excited to roll out this new feature as a continuation of this effort and make the app work best for over 13,000 drivers in South Africa”.

Uber users should see the feature below the rating and compliments section of the latest version of the Uber and Uber Eats apps. If you’re not seeing it yet, check the applicable app store for app updates.


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