Light Start – Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Zuckerberg apologises, Far Cry 5’s secret ending and get ready for Ready Player One.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could launch sooner than expected

Reports have surfaced that Samsung’s busy testing firmware builds for the forthcoming Galaxy Note 9. That might not seem particularly exciting, but we respectfully disagree, because Samsung didn’t start testing firmware for the Galaxy Note 8 until early April last year. That’s only a couple of weeks difference, sure, but Galaxy S9 firmware testing also started two weeks earlier than Galaxy S8 firmware tests had started the previous year, and that meant the S9 was announced in February, rather than in March as with the S8. In other words, we’re hoping we’ll see the Note 9 around July 2018. Samsung pioneered — and continues to do its best to perfect — the phablet-and-stylus combo with the Note series, so safe to say we’re pretty excited to see what the Note 9 has to offer.

Source: SamMobile

Zuckerberg zucks up his pride and turns to print media

We all make mistakes. When Mark Zuckerberg does, or the social media giant he runs makes headlines for the wrong reasons, he tends to write extensive opinion pieces on his personal Facebook page. In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal the Zuck has taken another approach to apologise to the Facebook Community (which is pretty much all of us). He’s turned to the ancient technology of newspaper-ads for help, because it’s thought that many users have deleted their Facebook profiles. How do you reach them when they’ve left your platform? Ah, ink and dead trees — of course!

Source: Techradar

(Spoiler Alert) Far Cry 5 has a secret ending 10 minutes into the game

The highly anticipated first-person shooter will be released this week, and every gamer worth their D-pads (including us) can’t wait to get their hands on a copy. Of course, the internet is littered with spoilers already, but this one is definitely the most intriguing… but we’re not going to give it away. If you want the details click the link below. Instead, we’ll recap the Easter Egg-style ending in Far Cry 4: At the beginning of the game, when you are dining with Pagan Min and he leaves, prompting you to escape — you can just sit quietly and wait. When Pagan Min returns — you will spread your mother’s ashes and the credits will roll, finishing the game. So, yeah, there’s a similar surprise in Far Cry 5, but beware of clicking on the source link if you’re allergic to spoilers. 

Source: Digital Trends

Ready Player One releases this week

Hey, remember Steven Spielberg — the director who’s made some of the best movies in, like, forever? Well, he’s made a sci-fi film about a virtual world, filled with pop-culture references and other geeky goodies. Ready Player One releases on Netflix this week (30 March), right in time for the Easter weekend. The film focuses on the life of a youngster called Tye Sheridan who lives in a world where gaming is basically (a very virtual) reality. This virtual world is used to escape from the harsh reality of the dystopian Earth, where the majority of the population lives in slums. The film is based on a novel by Ernest Cline, who is reportedly working on a sequel.Sounds like player two is ready, too.

Source: Metro UK



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