Japanese power tool-maker Makita’s coffee machine is right at home on construction sites


Fancy-tasting coffee at the push of a button is no longer the sole domain of people with soft hands, air conditioning and an office kitchen. Now, thanks to power tool maker Makita, you’ll be able to enjoy fancy java even if you’re usually found wandering around construction sites crushing bricks with your bare hands. Even better, you can use the battery for your cordless power tools to create said caffeine jolts.

Japanese company Makita has come up with the CM501DZ, a rugged coffee machine that looks as though it belongs on a construction site or in a workshop. Especially since it uses the lithium ion battery packs from the outfit’s power tools in order to produce delicious, delicious coffee. The 18V BL1860 pack is enough to produce 640ml of java or just over 5 cups. Translated into workshop terms, it makes enough for your morning coffee.

But perhaps the best thing about it is that the Makita CM501DZ can be taken on-site, dispensing caffeine to hard-working men and women in the field while running dry the battery that you really needed for that cordless drill. It should work just about anywhere there’s water and coffee grounds, or some of the coffee pods that Makita has introduced with previous coffee makers. Handy for when you’re working in places which haven’t had electricity installed yet.

Want one? You’re going to have to wait for a while. They’re only available in Japan for the moment and they’ll set you back just under R2,000 (battery sold separately).

Source: Asahi Shimbun via The Verge


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