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When it comes to your workout, nothing gets in your way. You’re unstoppable, you have your own personal fitness journey and you want to get it done. For some people, active fitness is a way of life– working out 4-5 times a week and driving to BE good at a physical activity beyond just the potential for feeling good. For others, it might be cross-training alongside a run 2-3 times a week or making time for a workout in local gyms while on the move for business travel. Or perhaps its simply enjoying a casual lower impact fitness activity such as walking through your neighborhood after work.

No matter what your fitness goals are, whether it be going that extra mile or winding down the day, the challenge of keeping motivated is real. For many, putting in the time comes more easily, but some of us need to find little mental hacks to keep focused.

As we all know, today’s technology is now more accessible through personal devices such as smartphones that offer a range of different mobile applications. Modern smartphones are used every single day to play music using apps which have replaced the older technology of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Being able to quickly access a song playlist when you want to via phone apps is an amazing advancement of the last decade. Sometimes it is one song that you want to hear to lift your spirits and how cool is it to just press a button and hear the song from your playlist that you’re thinking about? It isn’t any different when you’re working out. Listening to your personal music can lift your spirits to motivate you during active fitness – it doesn’t matter whether you enjoy stomping hip-hop or raucous rock – getting in the zone is easy. But what is the link that connects your music to your device and subsequently to your workout? Could it be that audio device you never thought of?

Engineered for sport, wireless headphones can help keep you moving. Whether you’re breaking your personal best on the track or hitting the streets for a stroll, fuel your workout each single time with crisp sound delivered by the Plantronics BackBeat FIT series. They connect to different devices, they’re comfortable, they stay in place and can even handle a little sweat and moisture.

The BackBeat FIT family gives you a choice of sport headphones or earbuds. Choose the style that suits your needs — in and outside of the gym. Here’s a little more information about Backbeat options available right here in South Africa:

BackBeat FIT

Flexible and durable, the popular BackBeat FIT offers a lightweight in ear, secure fit design to deliver music to your ears while also remaining alert to your surroundings. Withstanding the rain or a rinse under the tap, the design meets the IP57 rating and has a special nano-coating. With up to 8 hours of listening time from a single charge, you get up to a 33ft / 10m wireless range and the open ear tip design lets you hear the sounds around you. Key to note is that last year, this device was awarded the prestigious Editors Pick by Runner’s World, highlighted as a preferred choice by many runner’s around the world.

BackBeat FIT 500

Offers larger but lightweight over-the-ear design with up to 18 hours of listen and talk time. 40mm drivers bring the signature Plantronics audio, with the ability to connect multiple devices, a 3.5mm jack, deep sleep mode, memory foam cushions and the same moisture and sweat protection of other BackBeat FIT products. With the BackBeat FIT 500 you’ll enjoy all-day comfort from the locker room to the sports field, and everywhere in between. You’ll likely find that the surprisingly affordable price-point for this style also won’t leave your pockets empty.

BackBeat FIT 300

BackBeat FIT 300 Blue

The BackBeat FIT 300 series takes things a step further with an earbud design that ensures ultimate comfort when you run, cycle, or lift weights at the gym. But don’t let the smaller in-earbuds fool you, the up to 33 ft/10 m wireless range offers big sound for wireless sports earbuds. Connect multiple devices, enjoy up to six hours of power while getting HD voice, 6mm drivers with occlusive ear tip design, all wrapped up with sweat and moisture protection,

BackBeat FIT Training Edition

Coming soon to South Africa, this edition will be the ultimate in advanced technology for the athlete who never quits. These wireless sport headphones are water-resistant and sweatproof to withstand your most grueling workouts, and they have a workable range of up to 33 feet from your device. Connect the BackBeat FIT Training Edition headphones to the PEAR Personal Coach app to stay focused and motivated.

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