Apple working on largest iPhone yet – Because bigger is better, right?


The rumours are in, and they say that Apple is working on a giant iPhone X. Hopefully one fit for human use, and not just those with orcishly large hands…

As we already know (or at least think we know), Apple is expanding the iPhone X range and will include three new handsets in the line. We have even more info on this expansion, as reported by Bloomberg earlier this week. According to the report, we are getting an iPhone with a screen of close to 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) in size, larger even than the 6.2-inch (15.75 cm) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus announced this past Sunday in Barcelona. It will sport a larger screen than the current Samsung Note 8’s 6.3-inch display.

Apple appears to be trying to say ‘mine is bigger’ with this drastic move, with the only released iPhone coming close to this size being the iPhone X. If these flagship phones continue growing an inch every year — we’re going to see iPad-sized smartphones very soon.

Jokes aside, this might be a good move. Apple is also planning a slightly-lower-spec device in this range that will see a (welcome) price drop for a device with some of the same features that the iPhone X features. This addition will allow iPhone lovers with lighter wallets to join in the X-fun that the upper income brackets have been having.

Just remember — these are still just rumours (albeit from a reliable source), and plans could still change. According to the report, Apple is already running production tests with suppliers and should be announcing the new additions later this year.  

The question on our lips is… How big of a loan will we need to take out when the 6.5in iPhone X launches? We have no official reports on pricing yet, but we are afraid… we are very afraid.

Source: Tech Central


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