Fitbit Ionic’s Adidas Edition is coming later this month


Apple and Samsung, Windows and Mac, BMW and Merc, Nike and Adidas, Marmite eaters and rational humans: The world is full of intensive rivalries. And rivals like nothing more than sticking it to each other. So when Fitbit announced its Apple Watch challenger, the Ionic, last year it was no surprise when it added that an Adidas Edition would follow down the line. Now we’ve got a date to diarise, 19 March.

Like Apple’s Nike Edition of its Watch that offers a unique strap, clock face and Nike app, the Adidas Ionic comes with a Swiss-cheese style strap, Adidas-branded clock face, and a dedicated app designed in conjunction with the German sportswear maker.

The app is called Adidas Train, and includes six workouts for runners to help them improve their cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility. We’ll spare you the hyperbole about German specialists “with years of experience in movement-based training” and give you the executive summary version. These are the workouts:

●      Dynamic Warm Up to increase your core temperature and get your body ready to work (5 min.)
●      Power Pace to train your body to be more elastic, forceful, and efficient (10 min.)
●      Metabolic to increase your speed and boost your metabolism (15 min.)
●      Run Activation to improve your hip, core and shoulder stability (5 min.)
●      Strong Strides to build strength throughout your run (10 min.)
●      Post Run Stretch to ensure proper recovery with a fast and easy cool-down stretch (5 min.)

Of course, the Adidas Edition gets all of the features of the affiliation-free Fitbit Ionic: GPS, on-board music storage and Bluetooth, constant heart-rate tracking, sleep-tracking and so on. Given the Adidas strap fits any Ionic, it’s really just the Adidas App that makes the special edition any different from the standard Ionic.

With Fitbit gradually adding apps and clock faces to the Ionic’s still rather limited roster, we’ll be keeping an eye out for Adidas Train and the accompanying clock face when the new device launches later this month, you know, just in case.


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