The Jabra Speak 710: For when you want everyone in the room to speak at once


Have you ever attempted to put a phone on speaker and conduct a meeting with a collection of people in a room and one in a remote location? Smartphones, while good at many things, are just not optomised for that, which is where the likes of the Jabra Speak 710 Premium speakerphone comes in.

Designed primarily as an office-based speakerphone but equally comfortable in the role of portable Bluetooth speaker, the Speak 710 contains an omni-directional microphone that will pick up all sounds in rooms with up to six people yakking away – even if they’re in the back muttering about how the meeting is taking too long. We totally heard that.

If you’re keen on meetings with a little more realism than the average TPS-report roundup, the Speak 710 can be paired with a second for a stereo effect – perfect for when the CEO is on the line. Or, better yet, for more of an unofficial Friday afternoon music situation when HR isn’t paying attention. It does function rather neatly as a general-purpose portable Bluetooth speaker, after all

The Jabra Speak 710 has been designed to be simple to use, with connections possible via Bluetooth (if you’re feeling especially techy) or via a 3.5mm headphone jack (if you’re the type who still types with their index fingers). The speaker itself is hyper-portable, weighing in at just under 300 grams. It uses the weight wisely, providing 15 hours of powered-on time in between charges, making use of a 500mAh battery. And if you’ve forgotten to charge the Speak 710 , since it was so long since the last time you had to, you will be able to continue use while it is plugged into a notebook or a powerbank’s USB port.

The Speak 710 supports Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri digital assistants as well as a large array of office-based software in the vein of Skype for Business and Abobe Connect.

Jabra’s versatile and portable speakerphone is exclusively available in South Africa from Shop and Ship, at R4,000 each.


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