New AirPods on the horizon? Just don’t take them swimming


With the release of the controversial “jackless” iPhone range in 2016, we also got the AirPods — wireless earphones that look like Apple simply cut the wires of a pair or EarPods. Or, you know, like droplet earrings in Apple’s design style, depending who you ask. Despite the initial derision from consumers, Apple’s AirPods have gone on to sell incredibly well. Now it looks like an update is on the horizon…

There have been reports that these successful little accessories are getting an upgrade. According to sources close to the project who spoke to Bloomberg, Apple is going to release voice-activated Siri AirPods in 2018 and a waterproof pair in 2019 (but you won’t be able to go swimming with them).

The voice-activated pair will be able to wake when a user gives the “Hey Siri” command, just like the iPhone and Apple’s new HomePod. As for the rumoured waterproof ones, it’s safe to say that they will not be completely waterproof like the Apple Watch — so don’t go deep-sea diving with them. Instead, they’ll be rated IP68 like the iPhone X, so they should survive if you get caught in the rain, or hop into the shower and forget them in your ears.

Both the upcoming pairs are going to benefit from improved wireless connectivity thanks to the inclusion of the upgraded W2 chip found in the Apple Watch 3, an improvement on the already excellent W1 chip that currently powers the AirPod’s Bluetooth connectivity and allows for impressive battery life and range.

Source: Bloomberg


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