Paladins has released its own battle royale mode called Battlegrounds


After the hype around PUBG, many developers have followed the same trend of battle royale game modes going into 2018. Paladins, the free-to-play console game has released its own massive-online last-man-standing Paladins: Battlegrounds game mode with the latest update to the title.

The OB66 update  is available today. At launch it’s in “alpha stage”, which really just means the company is looking to shield itself from potential bad reviews. “Though there are still a number of bugs we plan to address, plus feature enhancements and optimisations we intend to make, we feel it is a good time to open the mode up to more of our players,” the company says in a blog post announcing the new feature.

The release is out on Steam today, and will likely make its way to consoles a week or two after PC release.

Paladins itself is also still in beta mode (so the new feature is a work in progress within a work in progress), and will be for the foreseeable future. This isn’t an unusual move for a smaller developer: keep your title in indefinite beta and you maintain the freedom to make changes and do updates without coming under fire from users.

We’re pretty excited to see this new game mode in action. It includes a massive map of 4.5km squared where 100 players are dropped in and have to fight to the death. You will be able to choose from the same heroes you get in the regular game, and are divided into teams of two to four.

If you’re looking for more info are interested in more info about Paladins: Battlegrounds, check out the FAQ here, or just download the update when it becomes available on your preferred platform and have a dig around yourself.

Source: Paladins website


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