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Fitness isn’t just about fitness pizza in your mouth — not this early in the year. Most folks are still doing the athletic thing, working on their core and cardio and carbs… with that in mind, we’ve opened the March 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine with a fitness supertest. If you can wear it on your wrist while working out, we’ve grabbed it, drenched it in sweat (well, Craig’s sweat), and explained what it’s best used for. From Apple to Wahoo, we’ve got them all. 

Netflix has changed our lives in ways we never would have expected when it first launched in South Africa. We were familiar with streaming services before the launch but Netflix was the one that managed to pin us to our couches with its selection of amazing Originals and a whole lot of other great (and not so great) entertainment. A sometimes overwhelming selection, if we’re being totally honest. We’ve collected a mess of the best to help you break the information overload deadlock.

If you have about R50,000 to spare and a photographic inclination then you might want to cast your money-spending eye in the direction of the Leica CL, the latest compact system camera from the iconic German brand. We get to spend a clicky 24-hours with this prime example of photography done right and we tell you why you should drop a mass of money on a CSC — and yes, it being cheaper than the wallet-consuming Leica M10 is just one of the reasons.

More? You want more? Of course you want more, we all want more. We’re practically built that way. But that’s okay, because we’ve got more. Loads more. Like the HTC Vive Pro, the Sony AF8 TV, the Acer Swift 7, the Jabra Elite 65T, the Fujifilm X-E3, the McLaren Senna, the Misfit Command… and that’s just in the first 25 pages or so. Wait’ll you see what the rest of the magazine has in store. So don’t wait, go and get the March 2018 issue of Stuff Magazine today. 


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