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Microsoft-owned LinkedIn first announced their new Resume Assistant feature late last year and it now has made its way to South Africa.

Microsoft Office 365 users now have access to this tool, that is designed to integrate with Microsoft Word. Now you don’t need to hire and pay a CV writer in order to impress the folks at your next interview, you can just do it yourself. Like a real South African.

The Resume Assistant gathers insights from millions of LinkedIn profiles and gives you examples of how others in similar roles describe their work experience. Then you can insert your own experience and skills into these templates and bend to your will personalise it — easy.

The feature will also give you advice concerning the top skills other professionals in your industry have, as well as job requirements from real job postings. If you don’t possess these skills you can do a course to get them — this is just a resume assistant, after all, not a university.

LinkedIn does advise getting an expert who’s familiar with writing resumes if you are still struggling with the writing/designing portion. But they do have ProFinder, LinkedIn’s freelance hiring marketplace built into Resume Assistant, which can be used to connect with experts who can help you with interview techniques, career coaching, and CV writing.  

And that’s not all – this helping hand will even provide you with some job opportunities in Microsoft Word. Once you spot a job you like, you can click through to the job opening on LinkedIn to learn more about the opportunity and apply.

We get that not all jobseekers have access to or know how to create a LinkedIn profile, but you don’t need to have a LinkedIn profile to use this feature. You will only be prompted to log in when clicking through a link to the website. Check out these steps to see how to set up Resume Assistant.

The company is planning on adding more language options in the coming months, an addition which would be beneficial to our multilingual nation.


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