How to VOOV: A beginner’s guide


Last year we introduced you to social live streaming service VOOV. Now we’re going to show you how to use it. VOOV lets you live stream your life from your mobile phone, find up-and-coming local stars, and if your content’s up to scratch, could see you featured on #VOOVTV on channel 196 on DStv. But if you’re going to be featured you can’t just film any old thing. Here’s how to VOOV right, and keep your videos tight.

To get started, you’re going to need to download VOOV for free for Android or iOS. Before you start shooting your own VOOVs, you should check out what other VOOV users are creating, particularly those with large followings on the platform.

Once you’ve got a feel for what makes for a good VOOV and you’re ready to go live, tap the VOOV logo at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Live” button, and then give your VOOV a title and hashtag. If you want to, you can let your friends know you’re about to go live by tapping on the WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp or other social button. Then all you have to do is tap “Go Live” and, well, you’re live.

It’s really that easy, but there are a couple of other things it can help to know before you start. Before you go live, tap the connection test button to make sure your cellphone signal or Wi-Fi signal is strong enough — no one likes a buffering, jittery video. Also, you’ll get more viewers if people know when to expect your VOOV, so consider posting a Mini Video ahead of time to let people know when to tune in.

As any publisher or musician will tell you, good cover art helps grab people’s attention, too, so pick a strong picture for your broadcast cover. When viewers join your stream they’ll be able to send you comments and digital gifts — be sure to thank them! If your VOOVs are broadcast on TV those comments will appear too, so try to keep the banter family friendly, folks. And, finally, keep your phone upright (portrait rather than landscape) for the duration of your broadcast — this is not your parents’ TV.

Tune into channel 196 on DStv at 6pm on Tuesdays to catch #VOOVStuff. We’ll be talking about the latest tech, toys, apps and industry news with VOOV VJ, The Ultimate. Or follow us, @StuffSA, and catch our latest VOOVs as they happen.


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  1. I’ve been using Voov for a while now, and lately It’s been really glitchy. Specifically, I cannot see anyone else in the meeting, it says I’m the only one there, but they can see me. None of the helplines advertised seem to work, and WeChat help only connects me to computer automated responses. Halfway through an online class today we switched to Zoom and everything worked fine, so the problem is not my internet connection. I’m telling you this because you seem to be on commission to promote Voov and so presumably can tell someone responsible that their system kind of sucks right now. I can’t give them any kind of feedback.

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