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The packaging for the Xqisit oE400 Wireless Headphones should read: “Constructed from mothers’ hugs for introverts and socially awkward individuals.” No, really. Put the oE400 headphones on and forget about your worries while your ears enjoy being in their own little little padded rooms.

We had the chance to test out the oE400 ANC Wireless Headphones made by German sound magicians Xqisit. These headphones are wireless and feature Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 10 meters. These are not your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth headphones, something you only truly understand once they embrace your ears in their ultra-soft padding.

There are a few distinct features that make these cans worth buying, involving minimal charging time, comfort beyond explanation, and no disturbances in the Force —  all while delivering crisp, clear sound.

Design – German engineering for headphones

The first thing many people look for in headphones is comfort. You don’t want plastic protrusions poking through your peripherals, after all.

These cans are soft to the touch — not puppy soft, more baby seal soft, an impression that extends to the matte finish of the plastic ear-cups. When it comes to the padding – of the ear-pieces and headband – the eO400s deliver extremely comfortable faux-leather constructions that fit perfectly around the ear and against your skull. We found ourselves wearing these for long periods with absolutely no discomfort. Being lightweight and extremely comfortable with minimal clamping and a very sturdy build, these definitely hit the nine-inch nail on the head.

The eO400’s well-constructed hardware is made from high-quality materials and come with a headphone-pouch which can be used to keep the aux and microUSB cables handy, all while protecting the set from external damage.   

Comfort – ANC (not the one you’re thinking about)

The oE400s feature a nifty little switch on the left-hand can which is used to turn off the outside world and amplify the realm around your ears. This is achieved with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) of up to 25 dB, which effectively anything less than 26 dB of sound coming from a speaker (or noisy child) placed right next to you.

It might not eliminate all sound outside of your head-space, but you can definitely hear the difference when the ANC button is flicked to ‘on’. Even when you don’t have any music blaring through the cans yet. This ANC works.

For a real-world example: we couldn’t hear the general colleague chatter, office music and ringing phones in the usually chaotic Stuff offices at all with the oE400s wrapped around our ears. These are ideal for long-term focus sessions.

Battery – Eternal life. For real

No, these aren’t quite vampire headphones but their battery life is pretty awesome, even with the ANC activated. These support up to twelve hours wireless play time, fifteen hours talk time (as if we will ever wear these without listening to some sick jams), and up to ten days standby time.

This is all thanks to the 550mAh capacity lithium-polymer battery pack. The LiPo battery is charged via a micro-USB port found on the right-hand can. The USB-charger is included in the box, but with no charging adaptor – charging it via a laptop/PC should suffice, but it’d be a plan to invest in an adaptor just to be sure.

You will also find a 3.5mm auxiliary cable in the box, along with a two-prong airplane adaptor  for the globe-trotters and travelling businesspeople.

Sound – A mini-concert for your ears

The sound blasted through these cans is nothing short of amazing, with a frequency response of 20 to 20,000Hz. This is pretty standard for headphones, as anything under 20Hz and over 20,000 Hz cannot be heard by the human ear unless you’re some kind of mutant or a dog or something. So it covers all audio ranges, meaning the oE400s are perfect for anything from Bach to Metallica to Yeezy.

And power to control all this is in your hands with music and call controls easily accessible on the right headphone. Very practical. This also includes the power button and (for supported audio devices) the ability to skip songs – all from the headphones’ physical buttons.

Sound quality is a selling point on the oE400, mostly because of the ANC feature which deepens effective sound quality and also keeps your jams inside the sound-proofed chambers around your ears. All while keeping up with very decent bass as well as clear treble.

A minor shortfall in this magical kingdom of sound is that the soft, luscious ear-cups create a suction around your ears over time which might cause your ears to become blocked… but this could be used to your advantage when flying. A little more breathing room might have been in order, otherwise.

Xqisit oE400 ANC Verdict

These cans were made to be appreciated and it shows in the impeccable construction, awesome features and quality sound the Xqisit oE400 headphones deliver. All while having wireless capabilities that are perfect for anyone looking for quality cans.

The only remaining factor is the price, and our guess is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised on that score. These retail at R2,000 and are available from MTN stores in South Africa.

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