PlayStation reveals New Dualshock 4 colours, launching 7 March


PlayStation has decided that your PS4 controller arsenal needs a (little) bit more colour and have announced two brand new varieties of our favourite controller.

Don’t get too excited – it’s not like PlayStation are going to release a neon pink Dualshock soon but the company have decided that their loyal fans deserve a variety to choose from — something Xbox has been providing for years. Technically these count as special edition controllers but essentially are part of the range that will be available worldwide which means: yes, we will have them in South Africa when the time comes.

In 2016 we saw a very sleek metallic controller design from PlayStation, and these new colours have a very similar, if more ‘grown-up’ feel to them. The first colour in the range is called Midnight Blue and the second is a fan-favourite is the Steel Black Dualshock 4.

The Midnight Blue is a muted take on the blue PS theme (and logo) with dual-tones in the split for the grips that features a darker shade of blue. The design is very consistent with PS branding and we are not even surprised at the colour choice. It looks good. Very Sony PlayStation, wow. Much console. 

The Steel Black offers a metallic look while still having a smooth, matte finish, also with the dual-tone effect. These definitely remind us of the Dark Knight limited edition controllers which were pretty awesome. Because Batman..

The controllers won’t feature much more than the fancy colour choices, but PlayStation said that these will have an updated touchpad design while also offering direct USB and a wireless option. So basically what we are used to already.

The pair will be landing in South Africa from 7 March and will set buyers back R1,000 apiece. A small price to pay for a shiny (or matte/Batman-flavoured) new gaming weapon, we think. 


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