Light Start – Boring flamethrowers, PSN outages, Games with Gold, and giant robots

Elon Musk makes joke, then actually launches The Boring Company flamethrower

Elon Musk recently launched The Boring Company, a company dedicated to making tunnels quickly and effectively. He also launched an online store for the company that sold hats, saying in December last year that after they shifted 50,000 hats he would introduce The Boring Company Flamethrower. At the time, a lot of folks probably didn’t take Elon seriously but a leak last week led to an official reveal of just that: A branded flamethrower. Not the sort of thing you could use to burn down a forest but still — an actual flamethrower. Here’s Elon Musk playing with one. It actually does look pretty awesome. If you are keen on pre-ordering your very own Elon Musk-approved flamethrower then hit the link just below and have $500 ready.

Source: The Boring Company

Sony’s been experiencing PSN issues (but they got better)

It might pay to keep an eye on your PlayStation account for the next few days — Sony’s PSN has been a little unstable of late, going down completely several times over the past week and exhibiting generally unstable behaviour. This seems to have been corrected, though Sony’s not saying what the issues seems to have been. The server instability normally wouldn’t have been too concerning but two new online heavy titles, DragonBall Fighter Z and Monster Hunter World, launched right in the middle of Sony’s issues. Perhaps the issues were caused by an overload of players? That would be a very good problem for a service the size of PSN to have.
Source: Digital Trends

Here are your Games with Gold for February 2018

Microsoft’s Games with Gold program is a neat way to get yourself some free titles just for having an Xbox Live Gold account. The newest additions, set to go live from 1 February, will see players having access to first-person ninja-em-up Shadow Warrior on the Xbox One — until 15 February that is. After that, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India will be available for some side-scrolling assassination action for the rest of the period. If you’re on the Xbox 360, or just a fan of the Backwards Compatibility titles, then you can look forward to Split/Second, an action racing title and one of the best arcade racers of the last generation, which will be available in the first half of the month. Keeping with the cars theme, Crazy Taxi will be available from 15 Feb until the end of the month.

Source: via Polygon

Get a preview of the monster-killing action coming to Pacific Rim Uprising

The newest trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising tells us a few things: Giant robots battling monsters is still cool, swords are more impressive when they pop out Wolverine-style, and an electric whip is a terrible weapon to use against a Kaiju in the middle of a heavily populated area. It also tells us that we’re not going to give much thought to the story when Uprising launches at the end of March this year. We’ll pay attention to the tale if it’s there but it’s really optional at this point. We just want to see nuclear-powered robots stomp seven shades of slime out of gigantic beasties from another dimension. Does that make us shallow?

Source: Legendary Pictures (YouTube)


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