Mark your calendars: Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 on 25 February


We’ve been expecting to hear something new about Samsung’s Galaxy S9 ever since the company confirmed that it would be announcing the device at this year’s MWC. Now we’ve gotten our hands on the official invitation and that means it’s time to pick it apart in hopes of learning something more.

Though if we’re going to be quite blunt, it’s hard not to see where Samsung has directed their energies this year. “The camera reimagined” is the tag-line for Unpacked 2018, which might just have something to do with… the S9’s camera? We don’t know, we could be wrong.

It just so happens that the Galaxy S9’s camera has been the subject of speculation recently, with a variable aperture camera capable of shifting between f/1.5 and f/2.4 to suit different lighting conditions thought to be on the offing. That’s not just speculation regarding the hardware either, Samsung has previously released just such a camera in their W2018 flip phone which… isn’t on sale here.

The company also has a new ISOCELL sensor thought to be taking the lead for the S9’s snapper. The sensor will result in speedier autofocus and Samsung is also apparently planning to give users 480 frames per second while filming in HD, resulting in super-smooth super-slow-mo, We’re very okay with that. And then there’s talk of Samsung jumping on the dual-camera bandwagon as well. With this collection of possibilities we are set to gain no matter which rumours turn out to be true. First prize would be all of them coming true, of course.

Elsewhere, not many other changes are expected. The Galaxy S8’s design is too new and too well-received for Samsung to muck around with it now and the Galaxy S9 will likely be getting little more than a spec upgrade in other departments. Since its immediate predecessor was the best in show for 2017, we’re fine with an incremental release there. If the company manages to stack a new benchmark-setting camera on top of an already excellent package then the rest of the world will wind up spending 2018 playing catch-up.

Source: via SamMobile


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