Apple Authorised iPhone Screen Replacements now available in South Africa


Starting on Monday, 29 January, South African iPhone users will be able to pay for Apple Authorised screen replacements that’ll keep their smartphone’s warranty intact. Announcing the service on Thursday, Core Group added that the service will be available through iStores and Digicape nationwide.

According to the announcement, the screen repairs performed by an Apple Authorised Service Provider (like iStores and Digicape) don’t just guarantee “a genuine Apple replacement screen” and “ensure full functionality is retained and the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid”, but also frequently cost less than “current non-authorised repairs”.

“Only an authorised screen repair at an Apple authorised service provider, using genuine Apple spare parts and specialised equipment, will ensure your repaired product is returned working the way it should,” the announcement continues. “Furthermore, using counterfeit or third-party parts can cause safety issues and could void the warranty on your iPhone.”

The cost of a screen repair varies by iPhone model, with the iPhone 6s coming in cheapest at R3,000 and the iPhone X costing double that.
To book a repair, contact or walk into any iStore or Digicape location anywhere in South Africa. Depending on demand, repairs are expected to take no more than four days. If that’s still too long, head to the iStore on Sandton Drive (or click this link) to book an “express service” with same-day repair.


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