TAG Heuer debuts their R2.4m Connected Full Diamond smartwatch


There are times when you really want to rub it in someone’s face that you’re able to wear the price of a luxury German car or a double-storey beach house on your wrist. If that’s you, but you can’t bear to miss any Facebook notifications, then the TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamond might be what you’re after.

The very expensive timepiece debuted at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH), taking place this week in… well, Geneva, Switzerland. How expensive is it? How does $197,000 (R2.41 million) grab you? By the overdraft? That’s what we thought.

You’re not paying such a mad amount of money for a plain old smartwatch, though. No, the Full Diamond incorporates 23.35 carats of baguette diamonds (that’s 589 of the little buggers, all told) set in an 18 karat polished white gold casing (encompassing the wrist links as well). A little flashy, perhaps, but that’s befitting of the most expensive connected watch in the world — which is what TAG is claiming to have here. We believe ’em, too.

Inside is just a standard TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch, meaning that you’ll have encased an Android Wear wristwatch in R2.5 million worth of diamonds just to show off the size of your bank account. Er… well done, you. An,d once the AMOLED display, Intel Atom processor and the various connectivity options become useless (hey, tech is a cruel and unrelenting mistress), TAG will let you swap out the electronic innards for some mechanical ones so that your diamond mine can continue to live on your forearm. At that price, we’d expect nothing less.

Oh TAG… you were doing so well.

Source: Droid Life


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