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It’s starting to look like the future is all wireless, all the time. With many flagship phones dropping the headphone jack we will soon need to start opting for wireless options like the Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless.

Skullcandy sees the future coming and that’s why they are offering the best of both worlds with these wireless cans that also come with a nifty 3.5mm audio cable for when you inevitably run out of charge.

We had the opportunity to test out a pair of Hesh 3 Wireless headphones and must say that we are very impressed. You wouldn’t expect this level of sound quality from a very understated piece of Skullcandy headware, nor would you expect the great price that accompanies it.

Design – From the desk to the streets

With the Hesh 3 Skullcandy decided to move away from the old-school rounded design of the Hesh 2, creating a very sleek-looking box design that fits perfectly over the ear. The headphone itself is constructed from soft matte-plastic that does not pick up fingerprints and looks rather minimalist. Don’t expect to make a fashion statement with these. They also come in a range of equally subtle colours like grey, a muted red and a very greyish looking blue but we had a pair of the dark cans to play with for review.

The faux-leather headband-pads and ear-pads provide comfort and come with a few cool benefits. The ear-pads double as noise-cancelling buffers… and it really does work. The Hesh 3 doesn’t come with active noise-cancelling abilities but the design adds an extra bit of privacy your ears will appreciate.

These are also foldable for easy transport and have a pretty strong tendency to stay on your head when in use. Some may find it uncomfortable, but we tested the Hesh 3 on a spectacle-bearing skull and they still sat pretty comfortably thanks to the pillow-like padding all along the inside.

All connection ports and controls are located on the right earcup of this set. Here you will find an audio jack and a micro-USB port for fast charging. These are paired with the volume controlling click-buttons and a small LED light that the headphones use to communicate with its wearer.

Wireless Sound – I like to move it, move it

The Hesh 3 cans are charged with a micro-USB that comes included in the (very cool) Skullcandy packaging. The headphones are equipped with fast-charging tech and last up to 22 hours on a charge when you are on wireless. The great part? If you run out of battery life, you will still be able to use them with the auxiliary cable.

While the Skullcandy Hesh 3 doesn’t come with a carrying case, they do fold up into a neat bundle for easy transport. It would have been nice to have a carrying pouch or case but the headphones feel durable enough to be stuffed in a bag without a case. Just don’t mash them under anything heavy afterwards.

If you are wondering, Bluetooth mode does not compromise on any of the Hesh 3’s amazing features, which includes great call quality with its on-board microphone. They also connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device seamlessly which can make normal daily tasks more bearable and fun, like speaking to your Google Assistant. That is, if you don’t mind looking like a mad audiophile going about your day.

Skullcandy says that the Hesh 3 packs an integrated analog amplifier that pushes the pair of 40mm audio drivers. There isn’t much that this pair cannot handle when it comes down to sound. They deliver the bass that Skullcandy is famous for, along with clear vocals and overall clear sound quality.

Obviously you cannot expect top-of-the-range sound from these cans but for this price (R1,800) the sound on the Hesh 3 definitely impressed us. Sound quality doesn’t wither at the extreme volumes these can go up to, and it keeps its clear pace throughout.

The Verdict

These cans are definitely value for money, as we’d expect from Skullcandy. They look understated, but classy (which we wouldn’t normally expect), and definitely pack a punch in the sound department. They fit very well and are portable, all while being wireless and able to last a whole working day.

The best part? You can go wireless with the Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless headphones for about R1,800. That’s not much of a barrier to entry for Bluetooth, thumping bass, and more than a little comfort while still retaining the wired option for when you inevitably forget that you’ve used up 21 of your 22 hours of battery life.

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