Win one of 25 gold or 25 silver DStv A7 remote controls


Along with the electric toaster, the smartphone and the snorkel, the remote control is one of humanity’s finest inventions, saving us from long walks to the TV and letting us infuriate our kin by changing the channel at crucial moments in their favourite shows. The only thing better than have the remote control in your hand? Having a gold or silver remote control in your hand.

The limited edition DStv A7 remotes work with both the DStv Explora and DStv HD Decoders, and you can use them to control other AV gadgetry using SimpleSet. Backlit buttons mean you know what you’ve pressed even when you’ve got the lights dimmed to a mood-making mild roar. Plus, those backlights mean you get visual feedback every time you push a button. Mmm, feedback.

You could head into a retailer and pick one up for the recommended retail price of R284, or you could fill out the form below and stand a chance to win one. We’ve got 25 silver and 25 gold remotes to give away. Head over to the Terms and Conditions page for all the fine print, and be sure to get your entry in by 11 February 2018.


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