We have three new SNES Classic Mini winners and their names are…


We know that everyone has been watching this one, hard. A while ago we told everyone that we were giving away three Nintendo SNES Classic Mini consoles — one each to one winner on each of our social media platforms. That’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for those who haven’t been paying attention. And we’ve come to the big day at last, when we announce the trio of lucky winners.

Drawing prizes for this giveaway was a completely different experience, even though it was still done by computer. We don’t left humans do the choosing but some parts of the process are manual. Do you have any idea how long it takes to copy the details for more than 9000 Facebook likes? Or find a way to draw a winner’s name from a pack of Instagram followers? And Twitter… actually, the Twitter draw was just peachy. Well done, Twitter people.

But that’s not why we’re here, it is? No, we’re here to announce the winners of the three SNES Classic Mini consoles so let’s get to it.

Our Facebook winner is Stefan Müller (not Stefan Muller — two different people, sadly)

Our Twitter winner is Renee (@renee_human)

Our Instagram winner is Themba Clement Mkhize (@thembaclement)

Congrats to our winners. You should all have received messages asking for your delivery details so that the sponsor can get your prizes off to you. We’d suggest you respond as quickly as possible as a lot of folks are going to be going on holiday soon and we don’t want you to miss out this festive season.


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