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At BCX we offer technology solutions not products. Our role isn’t to sell hardware or software solutions in isolation, but to use our technology offerings to find new, innovative and sustainable solutions to today’s problems, and tomorrow’s.

We believe in finding the right solution to problems that account for the work companies have already done, and carefully consider what they still hope to achieve. That’s why we’re platform agnostic. We can incorporate legacy systems while looking to the future and helping our customers design appropriate technology roadmaps that don’t just keep them abreast of changes, but ahead of them.

BCX is a technology partner, not a supplier. Our partners’ needs are continually evolving, which means our solutions do the same. And instead of selling to partners, we invest in them. Because to truly disrupt you need a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges business faces.

Real solutions for real problems

We’re constantly asking ourselves how we can help South Africans understand the power of technology and the ways it can change their lives. That’s why we hosted the BCX Disruption Summit and have committed to doing so for years to come.

To us, meaningful disruption means changing lives. It means using tech to solve entrenched problems. That’s why we’re setting up a data science academy in Cape Town called Explore. One of the first problems we’ve set the students is how to manage the water shortage in the Western Cape. Because we believe that if you change the questions you’re asking you can change the answers you find.

Empowering innovators

Disruption also requires planning and foresight. Which is why we’re looking ahead to 2025 and asking what South African businesses will look like then, what they’ll need, and how we can support them. We know that selling products alone isn’t going to work.

We need to sit down with our customers and ask them what problems they have, and which they foresee. Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are going to massively disrupt countless industries, from agriculture to mining, healthcare to smart cities.

What we’re asking is how we can help these sectors prepare for the coming changes and harness them so that they can thrive and prosper. There’s the potential for massive social impact if we do. And ultimately, that’s what disruption is about: it’s not just about managing change, it’s about improving lives in the process.

Disruption is coming. We’re ready. Are you?


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