iPhone X up for pre-order in SA, starting from R20,500


We’ve waited long enough for this so we probably speak for everyone when we say: It’s about time. South African pricing for the iPhone X has been revealed and it’s… about what we were expecting, actually.

Which is a nice way of saying that the iPhone X, which is now available for pre-order (though the link wasn’t live at the time of writing), will set you back R20,500. At least. That’s the price for the 64GB entry level X (if the term can be applied to Apple’s 2017 wonder-phone), with the version with extra storage (256GB) setting buyers back R24,000.

Which, unless we’re mistaken, makes the iPhone X the most expensive smartphone on the South African market (not counting the leftover Vertu stock we’re sure is floating about). Is it still going to sell? We’re… pretty sure that it will, actually. [Update: In a great moment of “here, hold my beer” tech one-up-manship, Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro Porsche Edition has snatched the title of Most Expensive Phone in SA with a price of R27,000]

The iPhone X will be available from the iStore “…from the week of 24 November”. iStore CEO Chris Dodd said “For more than a decade, iPhone has been revolutionising the mobile phone industry. In celebration of both the launch of the new generation of the 10 years of iPhone, as the home of iPhone and everything else Apple, we are thrilled to offer a screen repair cover and  extended warranty exclusive to iStore customers” So there’s that, too.


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