Everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 (so far)


We’ve only just got Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone and already we’re looking past it to the next big thing to come from the company — the Galaxy S9. We suspect that we might just be a little shallow.

Now Samsung hasn’t told us anything. Haven’t got an email, haven’t had a phone call, not even a Post-it note to confirm that their next smartphone is going to be the Galaxy S9 but since the company has already made eight of the things, we suspect an S9 is a pretty good bet.

And so do a bunch of other folks, who happen to be in a position to tell us a little about Samsung’s next smartphone. Here’s what we know so far.

Two screens, one processor

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are going to have a 5.8in and 6.2in Infinity Display, respectively. Since the screens are one of our favourite bits of the S8 series, we’re not about to complain about that. Samsung’s also said to be throwing in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor – a move in keeping with keeping their flagships as powerful as possible. We’d expect Samsung to come up with an Exynos equivalent chip but nothing has been seen yet.

No in-screen scanner

Samsung will, according to the Korea Herald, be dropping plans for an in-screen fingerprint scanner. The reason? Finding a decent place to put the hardware has proved difficult and Samsung’s likely just going to stick with the rear placement for now. Which we’re totally okay with, as long as Samsung moves it away from the camera sensor.

Dual cameras

Speaking of the camera sensor, the S9 and the S9+ will apparently sport dual cameras in a vertical arrangement, with the fingerprint reader beneath. Details on the possible sensors are a mystery at present.

Coming Soon?

There are reports that the S9 and S9+ is about to enter mass production, and that we’ll actually see the phones before MWC 2018. A February 2018 reveal wouldn’t be out of the question, as Samsung has previously done just that. Last year was a bit of an exception, since they were still dealing with that whole Note 7 thing at the time. That said, we don’t expect that the newest Samsung flagship will be available then, just that we’ll know (officially) what it entails.

Source: SamMobile, PhoneArena


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