Light Start – Electric Porsche, Elon’s tunnel, Yamaha’s concept, and a Bright future

The Porsche Mission E is silent but deadly in this on-track video

If you watch this this less-than-a-minute-long of a Porsche whipping around the Nürburgring it won’t take very long to figure out why you’re vaguely unsettled. It’s unusual to hear a Porsche making almost zero noise as it screeches around corners at high speed. And that’s because you’re looking at a test versions of the company’s Mission E electric vehicle, suitably disguised for its test time on the track. Whether the lack of engine noise will make a Porsche less fun to drive at the end of the day, though… that’s up to the drivers but from the looks of the test, the Mission E be able to match up performance-wise.

Source: L’Automobile Magazine

Here’s your first look at Elon Musk’s first Boring tunnel

We’re big fans of Tony Stark and by Tony Stark we mean the real one without the drinking problem (we assume), Elon Musk. Musk always has something of interest to show us and this time it has nothing to do with outer space. Inner space, perhaps? Musk shared the first image of the tunnel being dug by his Boring Company, a 150-metre section that has been carved out of the ground. It’s a small start but it’s going to get bigger, faster. The end goal is to load cars onto electric carriers inside the tunnels and ferry them to their exits at high speed, alleviating traffic in the process.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter)

The Yamaha Niken concept wants to give the world a… super-trike?

We’re not really sure what to make of Yamaha’s newest concept bike. Or trike, or whatever the heck you would call this this. We’re used to the aggressive shape of Yamaha’s bikes but we’re not totally sold on this new three-wheeled design. We do get that it would mean less chances of a spill at speed if you’ve got a second front wheel adding stability and the independent suspension system on show here does look very technically impressive but… we’d have to actually take a ride to see if we really love the design. The Yamaha Niken, as it’s called, is getting a full reveal on 6 November. We’ll be watching this one.

Source: Yamaha

Watch Will Smith and an Orc drive it like they stole in in the latest Bright trailer

Will Smith as a cop works in pretty much any movie but when Will Smith is a cop in a universe where there’s magic, Orcs, and a whole host of mythological beings to deal with (magical realism, we believe it’s called) we’ve got a chance at something different. The newest trailer for Bright, a film launching on Netflix on 22 December, shows a little of what we have to look forward to and, honestly, we’re quite excited. An unusual take on the cop buddy movie where things get more than a little Orc-ward (sorry)? Sign us up.

Source: Netflix


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