Every cyclist is going to want a pair of Everysight Raptor AR glasses


Let’s face it, if you’re a cyclist in South Africa then you have to contend with a lot of hazards. Cars trying to squish you, roads trying to dump you, bugs trying to sting you, the occasional member of the Big Five. It can be rough but Everysight is trying to make it a little less so with their Raptor AR glasses, which are set to go up for pre-order soon.

The Everysight Raptor glasses are cycling glasses with a twist, in that they offer cyclists their metrics on a heads-up display projected from the glasses themselves — onto your eyeball. Talk about futuristic.

Users can see heart-rate, cadence, speed, or even just navigation and notifications info, without having to lift a hand from the handlebars on the uphill. Unless you’re fiddling with the headset but there’s even an optional handlebar-mounted controller that will take that particular hazard away.

And this info is presented in several packages. You opt to just ride with info ticking along, select a dedicated navigation or workout mode that places a greater emphasis on those functions. It’s compatible with Strava and Training Peaks data as well.

Oh yes, and there’s another optional attachment that will allow users who need glasses to actually see while wearing the Raptors. It’ll cost you, but less than running into the back of an elephant might.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds like a cycling dream come true, you might be right. But there’s going to be a wait.

Pre-orders for the States and Europe are opening first, from 15 November, but that’s by invitation only. Folks from around the rest of the world are going to have to wait a little longer before they’re able to secure an invite of their very own but you should be able to get it. Everysight’s website says as much: “Other countries will follow soon, so feel free to sign up and be the first in your region with Raptors!”

So hit up the Request Invite page and then wait for your notification, which may or (we hate to say it) may not come. In the meantime, you’ll just have to hit the road with plain old boring human eyes. They’ve kept you away from lions so far, you should be okay for a while longer.


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