Crowdfund the Moon, a levitating 360-degree home camera


Homes are only getting smarter. We’re right behind that, especially if it means we can populate our living space with gadgets like the Moon, currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo. Not the actual lunar orb, though that would be awesome… if stunningly impractical.

No, the Moon is a 360-degree camera of the type you may have seen before. It can be used to keep an eye on your home, so you can see what your pets are up to in your absence but this camera is a little different. Levitation different.

The Moon uses a levitation system to suspend the little circular cam above its pedestal. Like the actual lunar satellite, see? Except Earth uses gravity instead of whatever creator 1-Ring has cooked up here. It puts us in mind of magnetic levitation, albeit one with an awful lot of control — users can swivel the floating camera with the included app in order to peer around a room.

The app that you need to control the camera is called Moon Commander, because of course it is. And while you’re in command, you’ll have access to a lot more than just visuals. The camera has low-light capability, a bunch of sensors (temperature, light, humidity, CO2), physical storage (microSD), and cloud support for videos. It’ll detect movement and audio and swivel towards it and it’ll also integrate into existing smart home systems, with 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth Smart 4.2, ZigBee 3.0, Z-Wave Plus, NFC, and IR Blaster connectivity built in.

Catch the Moon’s pitch video below before heading on to 1-Ring’s IndieGoGo page to check out the grittier specifics.

The Moon has already been funded but there’s still quite a lot of time to go and lay your money down for an early model. It’ll cost at least $210 (R2,900) for an early bird levitating Moon, assuming there are any more left by the time you read this. Retail costs will climb to $330 (R4,550) and it’ll ship in March 2018. But… if 1-Ring doesn’t release an Bloody Eyeball special edition of this camera in time for Halloween 2018, we’re going to be very, very disappointed.


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