Share your real-time location with WhatsApp Live Location


The Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp has added a feature that allows users to share their location in real-time with individual or group chats. Called Live Location, the new feature includes end-to-end encryption and lets you decide how long the person or people you’re sharing your location with can view it.

The feature is rolling out on both Android and iPhone in coming weeks. To use it, users open a chat with the person or group they want to share with, tap the attach button, tap “location” and then “share live location”. Decide how long you’d like to share for and tap send, that’s it. If you share to a group chat and other members of the group do so too you’ll all be visible on the same map.

Rival messaging service Telegram rolled out the same feature on 10 October, along with an updated in-app media player and changes to group chats that make it easier to see which group members are administrators. Google Maps, meanwhile, has offered the same feature for yonks.

So, whichever messaging or mapping service your friends and family use, next time your waiting around for them and they tell you they’re “five minutes away” you can ask them to share their location just, you know, for your peace of mind.


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