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It’s the phone you’ve been waiting for, the handset that rounds off the big clash we’ve been expecting from 2017. The November 2017 Stuff Magazine has got our first look at the iPhone X and its less-advanced-but-still-incredible siblings, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Does Apple’s most drastic redesign since the original iPhone was revealed have what it takes? Is augmented reality finally going to explode now that Apple’s jumped into the pool? Will we all send messages pretending to be a talking piece of poo? We pore over the teeny little details and give you our expert opinion. 

We’ve also got a collection of the cars from the future, headlined by the BMW i8 — though not one as garishly-outfitted as the one above. It’s not just Tesla’s game any more, even though the Model 3 also our pages this month. Toyota, Hyundai, VW, and Volvo have all thrown their hats into an increasingly crowded hybrid vehicle ring. It might prove stressful for them but us? We’re loving the competition, the cars, and the tech emerging from this growing segment of automotive magic.

We’ve already mentioned Apple’s contender but we’ve also got Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 in for a thorough testing. Samsung’s biggest and best Note (so far) has been impressing us ever since it appeared and there’s nary a sign of any explosive tendencies to mar this marriage of stylish design and speedy hardware. See what we thought, in our full Note 8 review — only in the November 2017 Stuff Magazine.

We’ve also got one heck of a giveaway for you all in the November 2017 issue of Stuff, and it’s a strange one. Strange because we’re giving away a smartphone that we haven’t even seen year. Huawei’s as-yet unrevealed Mate 10 Pro smartphone is up for grabs to one lucky reader. Since the phone’s only going to be shown to the world on 6 November 2017, we reckon we’re further ahead of the curve than we usually are.

And, as usual, there’s far, far more than we can get into here. We’ve gone hands-on with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, fiddled with the Acer Swift 3, spent time inside the 2017 Ford Kuga, and played games with the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini, to name just a few of the highlights in the current issue. A Lenovo Mixed Reality headset setup, a remote-control R2-D2, and an electric E-Type Jag stand shoulder to shoulder with Hot Stuff, the Top 10 lists, and Gadget Doctor. Whatever stuff you’re into, Stuff has it for you this month. Go and get yours today, everywhere that magazines are sold. 



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