Light Start – Facebook adds more, Dubai’s hover-cops, Touch ID numbered, and Stranger Things


Want to order food using Facebook? Apparently now you can (in some places)

Okay, we’re starting to think that Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone strapped into an Oculus Rift in a Facebook-monitored home, shopping online and generating data for advertisers who want to sell you new things to buy without ever leaving the house. How else do you explain the fact that Facebook is adding the ability to order food using Facebook? Apparently ordering food has gotten “complicated” and the social network thinks it is the one to sort that mess out. Okay then… Facebook’s food-ordering functions seem to be limited to the States, and to a very specific set of restaurants for the moment but if the feature takes off… well, you won’t even have to look up from your phone in order to make pizza appear at your door. Next thing you know, you’ll pay for it using the Zuckerbucks in your Facebook Wallet. Ah, progress…

Source: Facebook

Dubai decides it’s going to be the first country with policemen on hoverbikes

Somebody in Dubai is a serious technophile and that person also has control over a large amount of cash, if an announcement by Russian company HoverSurf is accurate. Dubai is apparently going to be using the Scorpion hoverbike for some of its police officers, which has us scared and awed in equal measure. Awed because, well, hoverbike cops just seems insane, and scared because… just watch the video. The Scorpion may only have a 25-minute charge but it’s also capable of zipping through the air at a height of 5 metres and reaching speeds of 70km/h. That’s a combination that could cause some serious carnage in a little under half an hour. Hopefully they pop a guard over those rotors before rollout or there may be some er… accidents during takeoff and landing.

Source: HoverSurf

Apple may abandon Touch ID completely in 2018

Apple’s iPhone series might be moving completely away from Touch ID as a form of login verification for 2018. At least, that’s the word according to noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The reasoning behind the move, said the KGI Technologies analyst, is that Apple’s new Face ID system is sufficiently advanced that competing companies will have a hard time catching up. A shift over to the TrueDepth camera sensing system would see Apple’s iPhones at a hardware advantage for a while while others spend cash on R&D trying to replicate it. Whether Kuo is on the ball remains to be seen, as Face ID is believed to be one of the factors holding up the iPhone X. For this prediction to come true, any supply-chain issues would have to cleared up by this time next year. Seems doable.

Source: MacRumours

Get hyped up for Halloween with the final Stranger Things Season 2 trailer

Now this is more like it… If you can sit through the entirety of the final trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 without feeling excited and a little miffed that the series isn’t available to binge-watch tomorrow, then we’re not allowed to be friends any more. The plucky kids have got their work cut out for them as the Upside Down seems to be invading Hawkins but they’re also going to have a little more help this time around. There are hints of new characters, including a new addition to the circle of friends, and just a whole lot of awesome in general. Plus guns, bats, slingshots, and fire. Also, science gone badly wrong. What’s not to love? The series sequel debuts on 27 October, which means that we’ll be finished watching it by the end of 27 October. We suggest you do the same.

Source: Netflix (YouTube)


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