Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus priced for South Africa


We hope that your wallets (and bodies) are ready, because iStore has finally revealed the pricing for the new Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And the cost isn’t quite as eye-searing as we were expecting, but it does tell us a little about the iPhone X’s eventual pricing.

If you’re gambling on the iPhone 8 then your budget had better start at R13,500, which is what the 64GB version of Apple’s latest will set you back. If you want to go bigger (and who doesn’t?) then the 256GB iPhone 8 will cost you a substantial R16.500.

If the Plus is your weapon of choice then you best prepare to fork over R15,500 for the 64GB edition or R18,500 for the 256GB handset — which puts the 8 Plus in Samsung flagship pricing territory. Not that we were expecting anything less.

Pre-orders for both handsets are now open, so if you’re keen on a shiny new Apple on launch day (20 October, folks) then you best move it.

What we don’t yet know is pricing and availability for the iPhone X here at home. The moment we do, so will you but given that the high-end Plus is going for R18,500, we can reasonably expect the iPhone X to peek over the R20,000 mark — at least for the 256GB version.


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