Brace yourself for Samsung’s Darth Vader vacuum cleaner


Sometimes when cleaning your home, you have to use a little Force. This sounds like the start of an Eddie Izzard skit but Samsung has only gone out and made a Darth Vader vacuum cleaner. One that sounds like him and everything.

Darth is part of a set of vacuum cleaners called the POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition series, comprising Anakin Skywalker and a Stormtrooper (though we’d pass on the Stormtrooper because it’ll keep missing bits of the floor). They’re available for pre-order in the States now and will set buyers back $700 (R9,550) for the white-helmeted one and $800 (R10,920) for Darth — because he’s WiFi-enabled.

If you are going to want Darth if you’re any kind of Star Wars fanatic because the vacuum cleaner makes the villain’s iconic breathing noises. The Stormtrooper jabbers on while it’s cleaning too, if you care about that.

The duo also does other smart stuff like map out your rooms and avoid bumping into stuff using a set of 9 sensors, has voice control (if you’re using Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa), and an included app for remote control.

So now you can clean your rooms without lifting a finger. Though we’d probably watch it and wave our hands about like we were using the Force to tidy up that hard-to-reach corner. Because Star Wars.

And just remember that in space, no-one can hear you clean… Wait, wrong franchise.


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