Light Start – A new BlackBerry, SNES Mini Classic hacks, Pacific Rim, and AC: Origins

BlackBerry’s newest phone is the Motion, comes missing a keyboard

The newest BlackBerry is called the BlackBerry Motion and if you want a good, long look at it: This is it. Officially, that is The Motion, revealed by hardware maker TCL at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai last week, will launch as an all-touchscreen device rather than toting one of the physical keyboards the range is best known for. The BlackBerry Motion is also going to be packing a Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a 4,000mAh battery behind a 5.5in display. Oh, and it’ll be water resistant. That’s… actually a nice set of features for a BlackBerry and we’re hoping we’ll actually see it here. It’s set for launch first in the Middle East — hence the Dubai reveal.

Source: The Verge

Before watching this SNES Classic Mini hacking video, first read the disclaimer below

Here’s the disclaimer: Stuff, and everybody who works for Stuff, do not recommend that you try this for yourself, due to the very real risk that you might brick your very hard-to-buy SNES Classic Mini. That said, if you are able to code quite well in Python or are just supremely confident, we’re not about to yell at you to stop. Now then: A YouTube user, Skullator, has come up with a way to add new games to Nintendo’s newest retro console re-release, though the method itself is both convoluted and risky. You can see it (and possibly try it, at your own risk) at the video above. Or you could just wait. There’s bound to be an easier method for adding new games to a SNES Classic Mini along soon enough. Chrono Trigger isn’t going anywhere and there are 21 other games to play in the meantime. By the way, Nintendo, we would totally pay extra for the console if you gave us a way to buy these games and load them on instead…

Source: The Next Web

Catch the Pacific Rim Uprising trailer now — Because giant robots

You know that you watched Pacific Rim, plot holes aside, for one reason — Giant robots battling inter-dimensional monsters will always be cool. Just as you know that you’re going to wind up watching the coming sequel, Pacific Rim Uprising, for the same reason. Featuring a familiar set of Jaegers (those giant robots we were talking about) who seem to have learned a couple of new tricks since we last saw them, a couple of robot-on-robot battles, and the biggest monster they’ve seen to date… we can’t wait for the late March 2018 launch date.

Source: Legendary (YouTube)

Here are 30 minutes of Assassin’s Creed: Origins — due out month-end

If you’ve been waiting for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, we’re about to make the wait that much harder. This is a 30-minute overview of the game, as played by the folks over at Polygon, and it’ll show you a whole lot of what’s new (and returning) in the newest Assassin’s Creed. You’ll find that combat and movement have been slightly tweaked but also that things are looking quite familiar at the same time — aside from the new setting, that is. We had a chance to give this one a go for ourselves over the weekend at rAge and you’re going to be very, very impressed with Assassin’s Creed Egypt. It’s certainly the one in the series we’ve been waiting for.

Source: Polygon (YouTube)


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