Stuff Gadget Awards 2017: Vote for the Readers’ Gadget of the Year


Another day, another category to explore in the Stuff Magazine Gadget Awards 2017. And this one is all yours — we’re talking about the Readers’ Gadget of the Year Award, which may or may not agree with our own assessment. If fact, we’re hoping it doesn’t.

We’ve chosen the short-list and now we’re giving you the chance to be heard. All we need from you is a click and a clatter, a selection and a short sharp set of stats… we need you to vote and put your name on it, basically. Will it be Apple’s newest wristwear or Elon Musk’s shiniest ground-based spaceship taking the honours home this year? Will LEGO win the day or will Samsung be awarded the gold? That is up to you.

Don’t forget to cast your vote in the Game of the Year category too

But we’re also not restricting you to our list. If you have a candidate that you think is worthy of the Readers’ Gadget of the Year Award, fill it in. Enough of those and, well… the voice of the people will have spoken.

You might also be wondering: Why the name and email address requirement? There’s definitely a reason for that but we can’t tell you just yet. Let’s just say that a few of our voters might have a surprise in their futures.

So hit up the form below, cast your vote and decide the future of our Gadget Awards 2017. It’s the right thing to do.


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