Stuff Gadget Awards 2017: Vote for the Game of the Year


Goodness, would you look at the time? It’s just about time for the Stuff Magazine Gadget Awards 2017, which means that the year is almost freaking over. Already.

But before you start daydreaming about your holiday at the beach (or wherever you like to spend your time away from work), we’re hoping that you’ll take some time out of your work-day to help us with the Gadget Awards. You see, we may spend hours and hours arguing over which gadget is better than the other but we’d also like to give you a voice. Which we will then publish in our December Gadget Awards 2017 issue.

So what we’d like is for you to assist us with your favourite game of the year (and a couple of other categories, to follow later). This vote, unlike most, will really make a difference. To Stuff‘s Game of the Year results, anyway. It’s not going to improve your service delivery or anything like that but it’ll make life better in other ways.

You might also be wondering: “Why are they asking for my name and address?” Which is a very good question that you should always ask when completing forms on the internet. Here’s the answer. We might have a few surprises in store for some of our voters. Just what those are will be revealed at a later stage — because we don’t want to influence your vote at all, unlike some politicians we could name (like… all of them).

So please, complete the form below, select your favourite game and help steer the course of Stuff‘s 2017 Gadget Awards. For great justice.


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