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It’s another month. Already. Kinda. Regardless, it’s definitely time for the October 2017 edition of Stuff Magazine, South Africa’s best tech magazine. And in this issue, we ask you whether you’d like to play a game. Or rather, whether you’d like to play some of the greatest games ever released on home computers, consoles, portable gaming devices, the whole shebang. We’ve even reminded about the original Deus Ex. Damn right.

If you’re not into GameBoys and SNES consoles, PC hardware and pixel pipes, perhaps we can persuade you to partake in some of Samsung’s most recent creations — the October Stuff has our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in all its gorgeously-screened glory. From the camera to the S Pen, we’ve taken a good, hard gander at Samsung’s latest flagship phablet. But is it their greatest? Now that would be telling — and we do that in the magazine.

Life isn’t really life if you’re not learning and growing and improving in some way. And we like life and we want you to like life, which is our way of saying that we’ve got a way for you to Beta Yourself in the October 2017 issue of Stuff. This month, we’ve teamed up with NavWorld to teach you how to improve the way that you control, use, and (hopefully not) abuse your DJI drone — from the new Mavic Pro to the Phantom 4, we’ve got the tips you need to keep your drone-flying skills in tip-top shape. We even dive a little deeper into upgrading your DJI Spark.

More? Of course there’s more. There’s always more, starting with that friendly looking LEGO robot on our cover, who definitely isn’t watching us write this right now. There’s also an All-In-One PC head-to-head shootout, cars from Mini and Ford track-tested (or road, or pavement, or whatever we could get away with), a selection of the best shows to stream and advice on the documentaries you have to watch before the month is out. You can only find all this (and more) in one place — Stuff Magazine‘s October 2017 issue — Available in all good stores (and maybe even some average ones) now.


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