DStv Premium subscribers now get free access to Showmax – Here’s how to get it


If you’re a DStv Premium user and haven’t, for some unearthly reason, also jumped on the streaming video bandwagon, worry not. Your bandwagon has arrived, and it’s not even going to cost you anything extra. DStv Premium subscribers have been given access to Showmax, free of charge, for the duration of their subscriptions — so now you can watch all those lovely sports channels and stream whatever you want, whenever you want.

But you’re going to have to put some work in. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s easy.

First things first, you’re going to need DStv Premium and a Connect ID from DStv. If you know what this is, you can skip this step but if you don’t, you need to head to the DStv website, select Login and then select Don’t have a Connect ID? Register. From there, the website will guide you through the process.

You’ll also need a Showmax account. You can sign up for a trial at the Showmax website. Which is handy, because once you’re signed up, you’re looking for the Manage Account option. It’ll be hiding in a drop-down menu. Inside, you’ll see the Manage Subscription tab.

You’re looking for the Purchase Subscription option, which would usually cost you money. On this occasion it’s going to bring up a range of options. The one that won’t cost anything is Add to DStv Account. Select that, add in your fresh Connect ID details and you should get a message saying that you’ve successfully linked your accounts. You can check this by checking Manage Subscription. DStv Account should appear under Stored Payment.

Showmax should now be available to DStv Premium users (who followed the steps above) but there’s still a hurdle or two to go. On the DStv Explora remote, hit the DStv button (the blue one), select Watch Now, then Showmax, and then enter your Showmax login details from before to complete the linkup. Showmax will be available on the Explora, as well as the DStv Now mobile and TV apps.


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