Skyworth showcases full-line intelligent household appliances at IFA 2017


IFA 2017, one of the world’s three largest trade shows for consumer electronics, opened in Berlin, Germany on September 1st.

During this year’s IFA, Skyworth revealed its full line of smart household appliances with the aim of showcasing its achievements and enhanced presence in the smart home market. Skyworth displayed its leading products across TV, refrigerator and washing machines, air conditioner and acoustics categories.

Skyworth expanded its OLED TV lineup by adding its newest W8, hot on the heels of the display of its highly recognised S9-I and S9D at IFA 2016. The launch of the W8 Wallpaper OLED TV is characterised by its split- and folding-type design, 3.65mm ultrathin OLED screen which is attached to a toughened glass rear panel.

In addition to Skyworth’s large-size OLED, the company also revealed the 5.2-inch flexible AMOLED screen developed by Guangzhou New Vision Opto-Electronic Technology, a subsidiary of Skyworth. This is China’s first full-colour and flexible AMOLED display. The 5.2-inch 0.01mm-thickness screen weighs less than 1g and is able to display images and videos when it is curved and folded. The flexible AMOLED display can be used in smartphones, smartwatches, auto dashboards and TVs, leading the charge on the transformation of display technology from flat to flexible.

The company also showcased its intelligent wall-hanging air conditioner with both air conditioning and cleaning functions.

The advanced product incorporates Skyworth’s next generation BlueMotion converter control technology, which can save energy by up to 60%.

With the AMS+ filtering system, it is able to filter 300 cubic meters of air per hour. The 3D Air function directs the wind upward or downward in a 3D surrounding approach. In addition to the low noise level of 18db, the full DC inverter technology helps achieve the temperature control accuracy within 0.1°C.

During the event, Skyworth also unveiled 11 new refrigerators and 8 new washing machines, headed by the company’s flagship product Touch Screen, a multi-gate touch-screen refrigerator. Touch Screen features an Android-based intelligent control system, double converter and noise reduction technology, air cleaning system (ACS), constant temperature and humidity technology and intelligent instant cooling technique, as well as the convertible drawer design. The product has been granted seven patents for invention and six patents for utility models.


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